Eyebrows; Basic Tips On How To Groom Them

With the advancing of makeup, selfies and Instagram taking over the world, people are more conscious about how they look now, more than ever before. From the shape of their face to the length and thickness of lashes, the length of their hair to the fullness of their lips; people are well aware of how exactly they need them to look.

Have any short comings in any of the above? No problem. Most people know how to hide them or even make their problems disappear completely.
The same could be said about eyebrows. Not long ago, people hardly cared about the length, thickness and shape of it…and they certainly didn’t know what to do to improve them.

Times have changed in the eyebrow department though. And if you are in the quest of understanding your them and how to handle them, then let us help you out. Below are the tips and suggestions we have for you.

Get professional help

Ask around for the salons that do a good job when it comes to eyebrows. This is important for novices in the world of grooming eyebrows. A simple mistake can be disastrous, so don’t take risks, especially if you have a big event coming up. Be warned though, as the grooming of women and men eyebrows can be different. Sure, you can still use your girlfriend’s salon if they do a good job. But make sure that you tell them exactly what you want.

The shape and thickness

As opposed to male or men eyebrows and their requirements, most women opt for thinner, shapely ones. Do your research on which shape suits you and your face best. If you have steady hands, you can use facial razors and tweezers to help you shape your brows. In the case of long and over grown brow hair, use a curved scissor to help you out.

Filling in sparse eyebrows

Though a little less time consuming than the shaping, it definitely takes effort to fill in your sparse eyebrows. If you’re good with makeup, then it’s not hard to fill in using eyebrow pencils. With practice, they only take minutes to do and are the easiest of methods.

You could use eyebrow extensions to fill in and lengthen your brows. This too requires a little practice, but is not hard to master either. You can purchase these locally worldwide, or even in popular online beauty sites.

The last option is getting them tattooed or embroidered. You need to visit the salon for this (unless you opt for the semi- permanent DIY kits), and they last from a few days to up to a week and sometimes longer.

What’s important to remember is that each person’s face and eyebrows are deferent; and so are their needs. Even if you follow videos online to guide you in grooming your eyebrows, be very sure that it is suitable for you and your face shape.