Factors To Focus On When Picking A Stunning Jacket For An Evening Out

You might be considering picking a jacket for an evening out. Sometimes a black tie event might require you to look stunning for the evening. You must then pick something which is fashion forward. Keep in mind that some can restrict your overall movement so do some research beforehand. Here are some tips on the subject matter for you to consider:


You must look into the quality of the lapels as it can make your jacket stand out from a crowd. Think about how dressy or formal the item is when you try it on. It must not draw too much of attention to your stomach or torso area. The lapels can make you look good or bad so try to pick the best one for your needs. The second one is the pointed version which will make you look sharp if worn in the proper manner. This also creates a smooth silhouette. Try your best to find a reputed tailor in the area who will stitch a good one for you.


You can either pick satin or weave which will make your jacket look amazing. If you pick something made out of satin it will look smooth and unique. If you are not into satin then you must pick a weave which will also look great with a nice bow tie on. Try to find something which will be supportive and flexible on your body. Try to pick traditional ones if you are attending a conservative occasion or event. Traditional ones might give out the appearance of smooth lines.


You must think about the fabric of your jacket. Some tailors will know exactly what will look good on your skin color and tone. Rear vents were created so that gentleman can walk in ease and not feel uncomfortable when doing so. Make sure to pick a light shirt to go with your suit especially if you are visiting an event which might go on for several hours. If you pick something bulky then you might end up looking heavy and thick around the stomach area. Try to ask family members and friends for a tailor who is great at stitching classy jackets. Click this link http://www.rafflestailor.com.sg/collections.html for more information about Menswear in Singapore.


You must carefully study the cuff area of your jacket as some can look rather lumpy and difficult for you to put your wrist through. Get the seamstress to stitch the cuffs leaving some room so that you can place your wrists inside the sleeve comfortably. Do not forget to buy some shiny cufflinks to go with your new outfit. You are sure to be the beau of the ball!