Feeding Your Newborn – Tips You Need To Know

Feeding your newborn baby is a task that you must fully commit yourself to. You need to take this responsibility very seriously since it has a direct effect on your child. Being careless can lead to disastrous consequences. Thus, it is important to you to learn how to fulfill this task in the right way. In this case, here are some tips that you need to know.
Stick to breast milk
There is nothing healthier for a baby than breast milk. Thus, make sure to feed your baby only breast milk since it contains the required vitamins. If you are not in the right health state to breastfeed your child, then you must opt for infant formula. Although this is not as healthy as breast milk, it is an effective alternative. Do not feed your child juice, tea or other liquids since they are not suitable for an infant.
Feed on demand
Remember that you should never feed your child when you want, but rather when your child wants it. If your child is crying for food, then you must feed him or her immediately. It does not matter if you are in a public space. Find a private spot and put an end to your child’s hunger. Infants will require 8-12 feedings a day. Thus, it is best to stay prepared at all times. You will require a quality supplies of feeding products from Tommee Tippee to ensure that the milk is given through the right equipment.

Expect variations
Your baby will not be hungry all the time. He or she will not be drinking the same amount of milk every day either. Looking into your child’s eating pattern will enable you to get an idea about his or her state of health. For instance, the amount of milk your child drinks can say a lot of about your child’s bone growth. This is why it is important for you to purchase feeding bottles with measurements from store such as Tommee Tippee. This way, you will be able to decide how much exactly your baby drank.
Consider vitamin D
This is a vitamin that most children commonly lack. Breast milk does not contain sufficient levels of vitamin D. Thus, you need to find an alternative way of feeding your baby this vitamin. Since calcium is essential for the growth of strong bones, you must ensure that you use vitamin D supplements for your baby. Before you use it, it is best to consult your physician about the usage well ahead.
If you do not know how to feed your baby, do not hesitate to ask help from an experienced woman. This is nothing to be ashamed about. Do not let your ego or pride get in the way of your child’s health.