Postpartum Care For New Mums


Giving birth is one of the most painful things a woman does. It is important that after giving birth she takes care of herself in order to be healthy and to look after the baby better. Here are few things new mums need to keep ready before they go the labour room: 

Get sanitary napkins 

During pregnancy the period cycle stops and right after giving birth a woman can bleed for several weeks, and this could vary from woman to woman. It is better to keep a huge stock of sanitary napkins or tampons as making time for grocery shopping after giving birth is going to be difficult. stylish maternity wear

Get comfortable clothes 

One cannot wear tight dresses and skinny jeans right after giving birth. So before giving birth it is important that one goes shopping and buy oversized clothes or get something like breastfeeding tops which will make it easier to nurse the baby. 

Keep yourself busy 

Many women get into postpartum depression and according to statistics it affects 15% of women around childbirth. So it is important not to feel isolated during this period. Many women avoid going out after giving birth as they feel insecure about their weight gain. If this is the case one could buy stylish maternity wear and these are usually oversized so this won’t only look good but also compliment the figure of a new mother. 

Dig in those veggies 

Usually after pregnancy depending on the reports doctors do prescribe vitamins and iron tables but apart from these it’s important that one has a balanced diet which means gets enough proteins, having the vegetables, fruits. This is not just good for the mother but also for her new-born. Due to breastfeeding she might have to avoid certain foods like chocolates, citrus fruits, and cinnamon this is because a baby could get gassy if mother has eaten some of the foods mentioned above. One could also start exercising but this depends on how active they were during their pregnancy. If one used to exercise right throughout their pregnancy then they could hit the gym and start with light weight exercises. But if one has had complications during their labour or has gone through caesarean section then they might need to ask their doctor’s advice before starting any sort of workouts.  

Giving birth is a huge step in one’s life. Although it is one of the most painful moments in one’s life mothers try give their best to the child. It is important that they take care of themselves equally well not just during pregnancy but also after pregnancy. If the mother is healthy, only then she can give her best to the child.