Quick Meals Prepared With Chicken – Tasty And Scrumptious

Are you thinking of starting a food struck and expand your love for cooking? In that case, you probably, would be searching for easy recipes. You might be a skilled home cook looing for new ideas. Therefore, chicken is poultry that have caught the hearts of majorities over the world. In fact, if you skim through many fast food outlets, majorities include chicken recipes. For instance whether it’s burgers, pizzas, noodles, etc. this is a main ingredient that they use. With that said, there are many recipes that are available online and in cookbooks. You could prepare easy meals inspired by different countries. You could also add a twist of your own, when you’re preparing meals with chicken.
Moreover, there are many meals that are complicated and quite easy to prepare. Your child might ask for a snack to carry for curricular activities. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a new recipe to prepare a special meal for your spouse. In any of these situations, you have many options. So, what could you prepare that isn’t time consuming? Are you in need of some suggestions to work through and creating your own dish? Given that, here are some suggestions that you could consider:
• Grilled chicken sandwich
If you’re going on an outing with your children and spouse, this is a fast chicken recipe, which is easy to prepare meals. You simply have to apply some mayonnaise, butter and mustard and grill the bread. Pan fry marinated strips or chicken fillet (cut into strips after it’s pan fried). Make a sandwich and add some dressing or greens for a crunchy and healthy snack.

• Broiled chicken with herbs
Choose some fresh boneless chicken breasts or thighs with skin. In a baking pan arrange the chicken coat it with butter (for golden colour of the skin), add garlic and ginger paste, seasoning, soy sauce and lemon. Bake it for about 20-30 minutes and serve it with fresh herbs such as parsley, rosemary and so on.
• Sweet and sour chicken
Are you organizing a gathering for close friends? Then you could prepare this tasty fast chicken recipe. Get boneless cubed chicken and stir-fry for few minutes with oil, over medium heat. Add bell pepper (green, red) for sweetness and aroma, along with garlic, ginger and carrot. Afterwards, add vinegar, soy sauce, pineapple crushed, with cornstarch. Mix all the ingredients and bring it to a boil and serve it with steamed rice or egg noodles.
These are just a few of the recipes you could prepare for your loved ones and friends. Moreover, you could prepare this on a normal day or add a twist for a special function. With that said, you could follow many professional cooks and try out their amazing recipes. Try one of these quick and easy recipe ideas today.