Services Of An ERP Provider

Who is a telecommunication provider? This is a business situation where they will provide telephone and other similar communication services to people. They will not only offer the customers with necessary hardware for these communication utility services, but also work in providing the other connection and networking that is needed for its functioning. Similarly there are companies that work into collaborating different business functions into a single system by connecting varying components, to help people work on different modules; finance, production, supply chain, delivery and support. Rather than using a customized regular system, these applications help business better enhance their performance.

These are called ERP software and the companies offering these services will be giving out varying facilities to its clients. You will get to know some of those key services offered by those companies through this read. You know when you buy a washing machine from an electrical shop, what will they offer you? they will most likely give you a warranty up to 1 or 2 years depending on the brand you pick and then they will agree on full repairing and after sale service for a period of 6 months, alongside they can also offer you discounts on the next purchase you make and they might also come and install or set up the washing machine at your home.

Similarly when you think of these companies that provide web based ERP software or any regular enterprise resource planning application could offer the following services to their business clients. All what will come to your head when thinking of them is their main product offered but then again that’s not all that they do. They will build, help and innovate things to enhance the business processes of many companies and when you see the following services, you will understand what I meant.


These companies will help businesses to implement these systems at their office bases. If you are a company with 10 branches all over the world, you may not go ahead and install this system in every branch. You will assign this project to a specific company to implement in one of the branches and after the full process is done, they will see how well that worked and the issues coming up. Then if there are no problems, then they will go ahead with other branches.


This is where the system will have to be configured according to new requirements. If earlier process didn’t need certain requirements, and now that with industry changes if there are some new components to be added on to finance module, then these will have to be separately configured.


Also, these businesses provide customers with live support for a couple of months until the system gets fully workable in a particular company. They might provide 24/7 support as well as weekly support and training for the employees as well.

These are some of the services offered by these enterprise resource planning companies to their business clients and although only the product value is discussed, they are associated with multiple other services as well.