Take Time To Spread Some Love

Are you caught up in the rat race?
We go about our day to day lives, following the same mundane routines and running the same old errands and completing the boring old chores. However, we manage to fill our time up with so much work that we hardly have time to breathe, exchange a kind word with a colleague or flash a smile at a toddler. We are up to our necks with work, preoccupied with all our worries and stress and trapped in our own world full of cares and burdens. However, it is of paramount importance that we learn to look up from our phones, look away from our laptops and look into the eyes of our fellow human beings, in order to share their sorrows, enjoy their laughter and take part in humanity.
Do not hesitate to lend a helping hand
We are so preoccupied with rushing out of our homes as we head out for work, or rushing around our place of work attempting to get all our work done, that we hardly have time to do a good deed or lend a helping hand. Thus, it is important that we take time to pause in the rat race that we are caught up in, to spread some love and cheer and to make society a better place to live in. As you drive to work, do you seem someone attempting to change tyre?

Why not stop by the side, and ask them if they would like you to lend a hand with the job as many hands make light work. Do you see a colleague looking stressed out or anxious at work, why not decide to take them out for a coffee and let them vent to you about their problems as you lend them a listening ear. You might not be able to solve the problems that you face. However, you will help them to get their worries off their chest. You can help your elderly next door neighbor pick up a spare Achilles tyre, mow the lawn or carry the groceries from the car to the kitchen counter.
Look out for how you can help
There is no dearth for the help that you can offer on a daily basis. It might not require you to perform heroic acts such as rescuing someone from drowning or tracking down a thief. All you might have to do is help someone cross the road, share your lunch with someone who could not afford it, or simply offer a friendly word and a cheerful smile to help someone feel loved and special. Acts of kindness whether small or great have a lasting impact that makes both the giver and the receiver happier at the end of the day.