The Revenging Mechanism Of Nature

Nature is the mother who is giving human beings a surplus supply of every important thing. In sense of how useful nature is, it can be seen that, the herbs, shrubs and all plants are having a lots of value that even though many botanist and other plant researchers. It can be seen that the plants are playing an important role. They ancient saints have mysterious powers that enhances their powers to find healing heals in forest.
When the forests were bigger than the places where people resided, it can be seen that life was simple for them. But, it should be understood that there was less chances of natural disasters, the people respected nature like a mother and offered prayers to Mother Nature and nature took care of them.
But nowadays, nature is being harmed and destroyed by human beings and their activities. Dinosaurs have already extinct and there is only fossil fuels to trace their existence on earth. Moreover, each and every day as we are speaking, there is loss of a living creature who is not human being. Here are a serious issues in the world and reasons for why it is not being averted.
Tsunami in technical words is causes by movement of tectonic plates or by the melting of glaciers in the Artic and Antarctic regions. When we dig pits to extract minerals, there is a whole in the mass of earth. After extracting, the whiles are left uncovered or closed. This after few days will make the rocks roll into that place to cover the hole created. Sometimes, this might lead to this may lead to the movement of tectonically plates movement.
The glaciers are melting due to the hole in the ozone layer. The hole in the ozone layer was due to the fact that there is global warming and no tree to absorb the carbon dioxide. To help ourselves, we should either start planting trees and instead of filly cutting down trees, we should do tree pruning.

In this method, just the unwanted, diseased and harmful factors for growth living in removed trees. When tectonic plates make their movement in the sea along with several other problems tsunami is created. Whereas when this occurs on dry land, earthquakes are created.
Other famous disaster is rains, strong winds and floods. Rains will he created due to low currents or low pressure. These low pressure regions have so much heat that the cold wind from other regions move towards it to diffuse and bring atmospheric pressure to equalised state.