What To Get Your Man For His Birthday?

Is it the time of year again to celebrate your man’s birthday? If your man’s birthday is coming up, other than giving him the usual gifts, you can surprise him with a sexy gift. There are many sexy gifts and ideas that can help you come up with the best gift you think he will love. Coming up with a sexy gift can sometimes cost you money or you can come up with a free gift idea too. This way if you do not need to spend anything on your man you don’t want to or if you do not have enough cash to buy him a good gift having a sexy free gift idea is the best. It is important to always remember with any gift it is the thought that counts.
If you are planning to spend money on a sexy gift for your man like bondage in Singapore, it is important to put much thought into it and consider what he likes and prefers. There are many sexy gifts you can now choose to give your man. Some of the gifts that are free and some that are not free are mentioned below.

Massage – although you can simply book your man in for a massage in a massage spa. It is a lot intimate and sexier for you to give your man a massage. All you need to do is get him to your bedroom, make him lie down, straddle him and use some of the massage techniques you can learn from the internet. Also remember to use some good quality massage oil on him when you’re giving him a massage.
Sex toys – there are wide range of different adult toys available that you can choose for your man and yourself like vibrator, butt plug, paddle, cock ring, etc. This is an obvious and great gift for him and this will help make your sex life more exciting and fun.
Lingerie – one of the best sexy gift and a gift to complete his birthday is wearing sexy lingerie for him. You can buy special sexy lingerie for you that you think he will love and surprise him with wearing it.
Stripping – stripping for your man will be a surprise and awesome gift for him. You can put a strip tease show or even add a lap dance for him while you strip. Your man will enjoy it and never forget it.
Handcuffs – one of the cheapest and funniest sexy gift is getting your man a pair of handcuffs. The handcuff can be used on him or he can use them on you or even better you just handcuff each other.