What You Can Achieve With The Power Of A Smartphone

Alan Turing is mainly credited to be the father of computers. If you cannot remember your history lessons, let me refresh your memory. In the time of the Second World War, the Germans, rather Nazi’s, used heavy encryption in the messages they transmitted to each other. These messages can be recorded but couldn’t be read by the enemies of the Nazi even with the Enigma machine that clears the encryption of the messages. The problem with the Enigma machine would be that the machine gets its settings updated on a daily basis and there is a very humongous amount of possible settings that can be set on the Enigma machine.
To find the proper setting, the people trying to crack that code would need to try each setting until they come across the right one. Such a process is impossible to be completed within a day, unless of course you use the entire country to find the right setting of Enigma. To attempt such a feat you would definitely need a magical device to calculate the settings for you within a short period of time, this machine was made, with the help of other mathematicians, by Alan Turing and he finally cracked the Enigma code.
This very magical machine is now known as the computer and has shrunk to the size of your mobile phone. Yes the smartphone you’re holding in your hand right now is a rather powerful computer that is no bigger than a slab of chocolate, the limits for the capacity of such a device could be endless.The possibilities that can be achieved with your smartphone
The smartphone has already replaced your camera, your mp3 player, your DVD player plus you’re TV, your portable gaming console, your alarm clock, your calendar, your navigation system and practically your life, the list is near endless. This is still not scratching the surface of what can be achieved from your mobile phone. If you are acquainted with a person who works on application development can let you know how the limits for this development for a high end smartphone can be near endless. Smartphones are so powerful that they even replaced the keys to your home, your credit card and even your TV remote.

Currently the hype of the gaming world and the smartphone world would be the development of VR. This technology will transport you to a whole new realm, changing the way you communicate with your friends, how you watch your YouTube tutorials, how you game and even how you read your email. Virtual reality is simply stimulating a real life experience to your virtual activities and make you forget that what you’re experiencing is actually virtual and not in real life!
From the time the first smartphone was released to mass public appeal, smartphones have been revolutionising everything they set their sights on. Maybe in a few years, your smartphone will shrink to the size of a small chip in your head, so your real life brain would be directly connected to your virtual brain, although that does sound somewhat disturbing. Clcik this link http://www.fooyo.sg/services/agile-development/ for more information about agile development in Singapore.