Why You Need To Get On The Japanese Liquor Train

Just recently, the best whisky in the world was chosen for another year. This time, the results were surprising and even shocking to some people. A single malt whisky all the way from Japan took the prize home. There was even outrage in some circles. For the most part, the haters were either too old fashioned to accept change, or they hadn’t tasted the winner in question.

New kids on the block

Japan has been making whisky for a while now, but had never won a prize for it until then, much less the honor of being called the best in the world. As you may very well imagine, the Scottish were furious. They are the people who have a name for making the best whisky anywhere, which is why the word Scotch whisky immediately brings a feeling of class, elegance and quality. 

In relation to the rest of the world, a search for Japanese whisky online revealed that they haven’t been in the game for that long. The first whisky distillery in the country was only set up in the 1920s, as opposed to most Scottish brands that have been operating since the 1800s. In addition to this, the Japanese spirits were almost never sold to the general public in western countries, instead sticking to Japan itself.

Taken from Scottish production methods

It is now possible to easily order Japanese whisky online anywhere in the world, as opposed to the old days. The Japanese spirit was first made using scotch as inspiration. The inventor of the distillation process was a Japanese man who had studied in Scotland and grown to love the whisky there. Because of this motivation, most of the japans liquor is made in the same way that their Scottish counterparts are with pot stills and double distillation processes used. At times, barley that has been malted is shipped in from Scotland and used to make the it taste even better. This inspiration is also the reason that the word whisky in this situation is spelled without an E in it. Where traditional Irish and American drinks used “whiskey”, all Scotch whisky has used “whisky” instead.

Now, although the whisky has only been recognized as the best in the world one time, it has won a number of awards for taste and quality in the past. Some of these have been local awards and others have been international awards. For the true whisky fan, there is no such thing as borders when it comes to fine tasting liquor, which is exactly why japan has finally trumped the scots, if only once.